One of the biggest concerns in waste management is organic waste. Organic waste contributes to anywhere between 21.45 and 34.5% of landfill mass. 

In developing countries like India, most of the organic waste comes from household and commercial kitchens.  To take care of all your organic waste, Parivartan’s India-wide dealer network retails a one-of-its-kind bio-mechanical compost machine

ORGA Advantages

ORGA is a fully automated machine which uses an accelerated composting process to achieve a volume reduction of 90% in 24 hours. The system employs high temperature micro-organisms to decompose food waste and organic matter. The end product is nutrient rich organic compost which can be used gardening organic farming purpose. These FAQs will answer all your questions.


ORGA’s fully automatic system senses composting status, provides feedback and controls the composting process without human intervention. The entire operation is noise-free, odour-free and does not generate any harmful gases or by-products.

ORGA is Available in various sizes to suit different needs. These Frequently Asked Questions will tell you everything you need to know about India’s favorite composting machine.