Parivartan is change

And as change is perpetual, we are continuously learning, moving, evolving. Everything we do, every move we make, is orchestrated towards achieving an end goal.

Our mission is to accelerate the country’s transition to zero landfills. To an outsider looking in, this might seem like a lofty mission and an impossible goal. But the way we see it, it’s absolutely possible. It’s just that no one attempted it before. Once we set our mind to it, and started working towards it, the horizon is coming closer.  It was just a matter of changing our perception, and then taking it one step at a time.

We will start with preventing solid waste from going to the landfills. Once that is done, and the landfills stop growing… we’ll start emptying the landfills.

One landfill at a time. We are very confident of reaching the zero-landfill goal. Our confidence stems from our technology, our amazing people, and the immense joy and privilege of working towards making our world a better place.

Of course, it will not happen overnight. It could take days, months, even years… What will happen overnight is, we will be a day closer to our goal, and we’ll wake up tomorrow thinking what we did today was worth it.