Disposal of organic waste is one of the biggest concerns in the waste management industry in fact, as much as 34.5% of landfill mass is organic waste. In India, most of the organic waste comes from household kitchens and from commercial establishments like caterers, hotels, and food courts.

The most effective and beneficial method of disposing organic waste is composting. But the problem is… time. Natural composting takes months, and many of the prevailing composting machines take as much as 7 days to turn organic waste into compost. As organic waste is generated every day… to effectively compost it, we need a machine that can turn waste into compost every day (24 hours).

Which is why Parivartan, a registered waste management company, is introducing ORGA, arguably India’s fastest composting machine.

ORGA comes with an inbuilt mechanical shredder and an advanced bio-composting system. Together they reduce organic waste by 90% and convert it into fertile compost in just 24 hours. This nutrient-rich organic compost can be used for gardening and organic farming purposes. ORGA’s one-touch system senses composting status, provides feedback and controls the composting process without further human intervention. The entire operation is noise-free, odour-free and does not generate any harmful gases or by-products. Which is why it is a big hit with both residential and industrial customers.

All-India Virtual Service Network

ORGA is available in various sizes to suit different needs. ORGA customers can opt for 24/7/365 remote assistance via a virtual service network powered by ORGA BRAIN. Thanks to the ORGA BRAIN our support team can remotely access customer’s equipment and receive error messaging and system updates. In the case of a system malfunction, the ORGA BRAIN initiates an emergency lockout, and notifies the support team automatically.

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