Zero Flame

ZeroFlame is arguably the world’s most advanced, cost effective, compact, and easy to operate solid waste disposal system of its kind. The ZeroFlame advantage is now available for the first time in India via an all-done-for-you seamless service. The machine basically comprises of three main parts

  • Ignition Chamber
  • Treatment Chamber
  • Flux Vortex

In the initial stage of operation, the ignition chamber is activated with a startup fire. Mixed municipal solid waste is fed into the treatment chamber at uniform intervals.

Once the process commences, a small amount of atmospheric air passes through the Flux Vortex (FV) into the treatment chamber. Permanent magnets in the treatment chamber help create an ionized gas called plasma. This plasma mixes with oxygen to form oxidative gases help reduce the waste to ceramic ash.

Zero Flame Advantages

– Does not require any Fuel/Energy/Electricity in the treatment chamber
– No need to segregate the solid waste
– Extremely compact and low on maintenance – simple to use. Does not require large space to install it
– Dispose huge amount of waste generated at “source” thereby reducing transportation costs
– Eradicates all septic/poisonous substances (plastic syringes/contagious matter/virus & bacterial
– Environment friendly and adheres to emission norms
– Flameless Technology helps curtail air, soil, and ground water pollution
– The system’s unique Wet Scrubber and Activated Carbon Filter ensure poisonous gases do not escape into the atmosphere.
– The system reduces 1ton of solid waste into 5kgs of ceramic ash

Zero Flame Garbage Limitations

Municipal Waste Packaging Waste Flex Tyres Foam
Plastic Poly Bags Animal Waste Cloth Paper Waste
Vinyl Rubber PPE Kits Thermocol
Non Treatable
Syringe Needle Glass Steel Metal Ceramic

Zero Flame Surpasses Industry Safety Standards

Parameters CPCB Norms
Particulate 50mg/NM3
HC1 50mg/NM3
SO2 200mg/NM3
CO 50mg/NM3
Total Organic Carbon 20mg/NM3
HF 4mg/NM3
NOx(NO+NO2 expressed as NO2 400mg/NM3
Dioxins & Furans 0.1mg TEQ/NM3
Cd+Th+their components 0.05mg/NM3
Hg and its components 0.05mg/NM3
As+Pb+Cr+Co+Cu+Mn+Nit+V+ their compounds 0.05mg/NM3